суббота, 31 декабря 2011 г.


Well, friends, New 2012 Year will come very soon! And our crazy quintet want to congratulate you with this event! It's a great and felicitous year! We recorded and released our debute LP "Pаradigm of the Faith", the new guitar-player Pasha joined our quartet, we played many gigs and we'd got lots of new friends!

Thanks to everyone and to each of you, who wasn't indifferent and who supported us, who was interested in our records, who was with The Hysteria for this year!

Great thanks to Jenja,Sasha and Anna for all that efforts that they put into our album, big thanks to sites, blogs, portals, like "4fs", "borodatos" and "pozerov" for publishing our news all this time, to varg for compilations, great thanks to Seka Sergey 'cuz he's bitching buddy ;D, and for all fucking things and matters that he did, does and will continue to do, we suppose, big thanks to the record labels for promoting our music, thanks to promoters for having put up and for giving us the possibilities to play on their shows and gigs!

We assured you that we will not fail your expectations in 2012, concerning our band!
We will start to record our new single very soon, the next mounth will joy you with our debute music-video...Then we are waited by Ukraine tour(debute stuff for us too). We think- it will be great, the point is- to stay tuned, to stay with us!

Once again we'd like to thank you all and wish you a Happy New Year!
And once again, the point is always to be kind with people, appreciate the close, support your friends, love your loved and be loved!

Well, check out a few memorable photos and videos from us to lift your mood and to remember how fuckin' cool it was)))

Best wishes, yours sincerely "The Hysteria"!

четверг, 29 декабря 2011 г.


Ребята, с наступающим Новым Годом Вас!

Для нас это был продуктивный, хоть и сложный год, но все вышло так, как должно было быть! Мы записали альбом! Откатали кучу концертов! Угарали с Вами! И по сему- СПАСИБО ВАМ ЗА ЭТО! Спасибо за то, что поддерживаете нас!

В новом году мы продолжим Вас радовать))) Совсем скоро от нас будет много "вкусностей!

Оставайтесь с нами!
Ваши The Hysteria!