среда, 31 августа 2011 г.

We almost finish recording "Paradigm of the Faith"

Hi Guys, this is "The Hysteria radiostation", and we hope, that you all have catched the perfect summer, you all are hangin' out with lot's of drinks(or juices :D), sun baths and with only good friends around!
In the meantime, we didn't reduce speed in the work on our new material, it's written and rewritten again and again, invented etc., with the aim of making it more difficult in playing and more interesting for you. And now we began to record it!
Yes, yes, we are at "studio" and we are recording an album ... and, as we have said, it would be something "yammy"... the sound has changed a lot and we "twisted" the music much more, than it was before.
You will hear much more "rock 'n' roll" and "jazz" parts in our songs, but this is not all...Starting next week, we will upload the video from the studio,in which we will tell you about what are waited for you all this Fall.
Stay on our "wave"!

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About The Hysteria

A long time ago ... a galaxy far far away ...

Starting in 2003, the group has come a long and difficult way ... changing staff, the search for sound...quarells, ups and downs ...- it won't be forgotten ... We've played a lot of concerts and recorded a bunch of stuff ... and we always remained faithful to one idea ... wich a year-over-year we want convey to the listener!

In 2009 we released EP "The Bullet for Christ", from which a part of the material included in the album "The Messenger", wich was released at the end of 2010.

At the moment, THE HYSTERIA is an infernal machine of pain and anger, and we can't be stopped on the way of surprising and researching approaces to each of you!